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of customers want businesses
to focus on positive impact, rather than
just doing less harm to the planet.


of consumers actively look to buy from regenerative brands


of people think businesses should actively be involved in Regenerating the planet
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What you can do with Handprint

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Align your business growth with the interests of the planet

Link your business KPIs to the regeneration of the planet

Increase cart conversion
Own your regenerative impact

See live photos and videos of your impact

Our partner NGOs report on their impact and upload photos and videos on a weekly basis, through our mobile application.

Regenerate the Planet without breaking the bank

Your contribution can start as small as $1.15. Besides, Handprint optimises the impact of every dollar invested into projects.

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Save the planet

How to make a regenerative impact?

We curate great projects for you.


We automate all the KYC with impact partners


Our technology quantifies benefits on the planet of every transaction, following the SDG-aligned metrics.

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You decide! 💪

Set a daily budget and choose how you want to contribute to save the 🌏:

🌳 Reforest
🌊 Clean ocean plastic
🐠 Reconstruct coral reefs
🐘 Protect habitat

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Go beyond sustainability: start to Regenerate.

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What is a handprint?

You might already know what a Footprint is: the sum of all the negative impact we leave on the planet.

Well, a Handprint is the sum of all the actions you take to create a positive impact on the Earth – beyond just neutrality or compensation.

For instance, Handprint Tech enables actual carbon absorption from the atmosphere, which has more impact than only reducing the carbon emissions. And on top of it, our actions improve the livelihood of local villagers living by the mangroves reforestation areas.

How much does the Handprint plugin cost?

As a merchant, using the Handprint plugin is free. However, you can add features for a monthly fee ranging from $3 to $6.

What you’ll pay is what you commit to in terms of impact: for instance, if you pledge to allocate 1% of your revenue to a reforestation project, then this 1% will be charged and transferred to the organisation planting mangroves on the field.

Your customers pay $0, because we believe that it’s not fair for individuals to bear the responsibility climate change alone. Instead, we give businesses the opportunity to actively regenerate the planet.

Can I get my customers to contribute to the positive impact too?

As for now, it’s not possible for your e-store customers to contribute with their own money to the impact projects. We’ll develop this capacity in the future, may it be a highly demanded feature.

Can I display the Handprint plugin anywhere on my e-store?

The Handprint plugin currently displays on your Cart page (plain cart and drawer cart templates).

If you want to display your dynamic impact data on other pages (e.g. homepage, CSR page, etc.), please contact us as it’s possible with a different tool called Visualise.

Can I customize how the Handprint plugin looks in my shop?

Absolutely! In your Handprint Dashboard, go to your e-commerce plugin section and select:

  • Personalise my content to customise your text,
  • Style my plugin to change the size and colours of your widget.