Become a sustainable e-commerce brand while increasing cart conversions by up to 20%

  • Free sustainability plugin
  • Choose from a large variety of vetted causes 
  • The easy & simple way to turn your e-store into a force for good
  • Make every customer’s purchase a regenerative action for the planet
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Sustainable e-commerce brands who are already growing with the planet

Become the sustainable e-commerce brand your customers love

How it works

Three steps to sustainable e-commerce

1. Choose from our portfolio of vetted causes

choose your impact

2. Install the plugin on any digital platform

install and customise

3. Prove your commitment to sustainability when customers visit your page

track and share

How Handprint benefits the planet and your business

Increase cart conversion

96% of people feel their actions, like buying from a sustainable e-commerce brand, can make a difference.

increase cart conversion

Increase customer loyalty

2 out of 3 consumers look to buy from regenerative businesses.

increase cart conversion 1

Adopt a regenerative business model

Handprint has the best dollar-to-impact ratio, while every project can be tracked and measured in real-time so you know exactly how your support is making a difference

own your regenerative impact

Bite-sized sustainability, tailored to your budget

You’ll always have control over who you support, how you contribute, and how much you wish to pledge.

regenerate the planet without breaking the bank 3

How much does it cost?

Your customers: $0 💝

Why? More and more, customers are pushing businesses to strive for a better future:


of customers believe brands should contribute to climate action


of customers don’t like being asked to donate to climate action when the company is contributing nothing

Your business: Your choice 💪

Set a daily budget and choose how you want to contribute to save the 🌏:

🌳 Capture CO2 with every order
🌊 Clean up ocean plastic with each purchase
💝 Pledge a % of every sale to your chosen cause
📦 Choose a packaging-free option

Integrates seamlessly with your e-store

shopify logo integration
magento logo integration
woocommerce logo integration


You already know what a Footprint is: the sum of all our negative impact on the planet. A Handprint is the exact opposite. In other words, it’s the sum of all our positive impact on the planet.

But increasing your Handprint is about more than just reducing your impact. Instead, a regenerative business model works to leave the world a better place than when we started. For instance, our innovative green technology lets businesses help remove carbon from the air, rather than simply reducing their emissions. These actions also offer social benefits, such as providing a livelihood for local villagers that are involved in regenerative projects.

Handprint Tech also lets companies contribute to social causes, such as funding education and clean water. 

We work hard to make the process as transparent as possible. To that end, we use a public accounting system on the blockchain so you can track cash flow. 

Our collaborators at GMT have also created an application that lets impact partners confirm that they’ve received your funds. The process isn’t perfect yet, but we’re looking into ways of more accurately tracking: 

  • Your individual dollars
  • The total cost of a project
  • Who in the local community receives the funds
  • When they receive payments 

Right now, it’s not possible for e-store customers to donate with their own money. But this is a popular request, so we’re looking into ways of making it happen in the future.

Merchants can use the Handprint plugin for free and only contribute for units of impact. You can also add premium features for a monthly fee of $9 (for the first feature, then $3 per additional feature).

You have total control over how much you contribute to a cause. Handprint is designed to scale with you, so you can adjust or pause your contributions at any time. 

Your customers pay $0, because we believe that it’s not fair for individuals to bear the responsibility for climate change alone. Instead, we give businesses the opportunity to actively regenerate the planet.

Not at all! The plugin is designed to integrate seamlessly with your website, so it won’t interfere with the checkout process. In fact, Handprint can make the checkout process better by showing your customers how their purchase is supporting change. This not only leaves customers feeling good about themselves, it can help increase your conversion-rate as well.

Absolutely! The Handprint plugin is highly customizable, so you can change the look, and even the location of your messages, banners, and live-trackers. 

Simply visit your Handprint dashboard and select the following:

  • Text
  • Color
  • Message template

Handprint makes it easy for businesses to become more sustainable. Unlike other plugins and green technology, our software lets businesses connect directly with causes rather than putting pressure on customers to donate. This helps prove that you’re a regenerative business who truly believes in building a better world. 

Here’s how Handprint is different:

  • We offer a variety of projects to choose from, ranging from planting trees and restoring coral to educating children and providing clean drinking water
  • All impact projects are thoroughly vetted before being accepted onto the platform
  • You have complete freedom to decide how much you pledge
  • We offer ‘bite-sized’ sustainability that you can scale with your business. This means even businesses on a small budget can make a change without breaking the bank
  • Pause or change your contributions at any time, or even set a daily limit so you don’t exceed your budget
  • View photos and videos from the projects you’re supporting. Simply go to your dashboard to view any updates, and then share to your website or social media to show customers how their purchases help.
  • We cut out the middleman, meaning more money goes directly to the cause rather than an intermediary’s pocket.