Collect plastics with Dentsu Connect

Dentsu has partnered with Handprint and Sungai Watch to collect plastic from Bali's sacred rivers. Collecting plastic from rivers directly provides an effecient way of collection plastic and preventing waste from entering our oceans.

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Impact created by Dentsu Connect

    • kg of plastic
    • 2,790
    • collected
    • Equivalent of
    • 139,500
    • 20g plastic bottles
    • Equivalent of
    • 6,642,857
    • plastic straws

About Dentsu Connect

Dentsu Connect is an on-site conference hosted by dentsu Indonesia, the leading marketing service network in Indonesia and worldwide. It brings together top-notch marketing and industry leaders to discuss, explore, and unveil the new culture that shapes the future of marketing. The first-ever dentsu connect will gather 500 marketing leaders to identify and forecast the horizons of growth with a theme of 'The Era of Connected Universe'. From fighting and winning the attention economy, maximizing customer experience, to driving good change for the nation.

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Project Location

Project Stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 0
  • On land biodiversity

  • 75
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 80
  • Social Impact

  • 80
  • Gender equality

  • 0

Why plastic waste matters locally

An estimated 33,000 tons of plastic enters Bali’s rivers every year, endangering marine life and the 90% of Bali’s residents who live within 1 kilometre of a river. Although Indonesia has pledged to reduce 70% of plastic pollution it emits into the ocean by 2025, trash continues to pile up in and alongside rivers largely due to the lack of waste management and recycling infrastructure. To tackle this problem, Sungai Watch installs Trash Barriers along waterways and carries out daily cleanups at each site. With these barriers, they have been able to collect data on pollutants and kickstart conversations with local communities on how to curb plastic plastic pollution. Sungai Watch also engages hundred of volunteers to carry out emergency cleanups at illegal landfills and runs an active hotline for community members to report landfill sightings.

Why plastic waste matters globally

The impacts of ocean plastic pollution are manifold — from disrupted marine ecosystems to the inadvertent consumption of hazardous microplastics to the contamination of groundwater, we’re facing a plastic emergency of unprecedented scales. Since more than 80% of plastic pollution in the ocean comes from rivers and streams, it follows that one of the simplest ways to clean our ocean is to start in our rivers. Sungai Watch is paving the way with their mission to place trash barriers in every river in Indonesia by 2025 and eventually the world.


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    Complete Solution

    Sungai Watch collects, sort, tracks, recycles and secures plastic from polluted rivers and illegal landfills.

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    Plastic collection and management data is available on a weekly basis on a public ledger.

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    Listening to the local community

    Sungai Watch organizes community workshops on increasing awareness on the ill-effects of plastic on human health and the environment

Financial Transparency

We use a mobile app to confirm delivery of all funds to the field

We will soon write these deliveries also on a public digital system, to allow listeners to follow the flow of donations from anywhere on Earth. Then we create tools for project managers to talk directly to the community about developments in the field. These peer-to-peer links open the black box of how referral dollars translate into real- world impact!

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