Plant baby coral with Dentsu Connect

Dentsu has partnered with Handprint and Living Seas to plant coral stars in the cool waters of Bali. These corals will protect the coastline from stormwater, increase tourism and fisheries.


Impact created by Dentsu Connectsince September 2022

    • Number of
    • 2,808
    • baby corals
    • Number of
    • 156
    • coral stars planted
    • US$ in ecosystem services
    • $ 8,424
    • developed in 1 year

About Dentsu Connect

Dentsu Connect is an on-site conference hosted by dentsu Indonesia, the leading marketing service network in Indonesia and worldwide. It brings together top-notch marketing and industry leaders to discuss, explore, and unveil the new culture that shapes the future of marketing. The first-ever dentsu connect will gather 500 marketing leaders to identify and forecast the horizons of growth with a theme of 'The Era of Connected Universe'. From fighting and winning the attention economy, maximizing customer experience, to driving good change for the nation.

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Project Location

Project Stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 10
  • On land biodiversity

  • 10
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 100
  • Social Impact

  • 20
  • Gender equality

  • 40

Why corals matters locally

This project is situated near the famous Blue Lagoon beach in Padangbai, Bali, where the cool and clear waters in the region provide an excellent location for coral regeneration. Coral reefs are critical for maintaining ocean ecosystem vitality to sustain tourism and fisheries in Padangbai.

Loss of coral in the area has also eroded the shoreline and increased risk from stormwater. Livingseas is on a mission to populate this shoreline area with more than 10,000 coral flowers. Coral flowers are hosted in man-made star structures made with biodegradable materials.

Constructed by the Livingseas staff and fellows, these stars provide protection to coral flowers against changes in ocean currents and a stable substrate with continual lateral flow of water. Bamboo tags attached to each star allow the Livingseas team to monitor the growth of installed coral reefs for upto a year.

Why corals matter globally

Coral reefs, dubbed the “rainforests of the ocean”, perform myriad critical functions in sustaining marine ecosystems. Globally, while populating merely one-tenth of the ocean, coral reefs are the home to 25% of all known marine life.

The World Resources Institute estimates that coral reefs add $1.6 billion in goods and services, from tourism to fisheries, to the Indonesian economy every year. Yet, due to increased warming, ocean acidification, and over-fishing, coral reefs are under rapid decline. Loss of coral reefs may cause irrevocable damage to the ocean ecosystem on which numerous people and non-human species depend on for their survival.

For the nearly 40% of the world’s population who live within 100 kilometres of the coast, risk from coastal hazards – stormwater, tsunamis, high tidal waves – is severe and exacerbated by global warming induced changes in the hydrological cycle. Coral reefs are an opportune investment in mitigating these risks by reducing wave energy by 97%.


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    A portion of collected funds goes towards supporting a local women-first marine conservation fellowship program

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    Backed by science

    Planting locations and coral species are shortlisted based on the best of marine science knowledge

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    Supporting the local community

    Planting corals now will decrease coastal hazards, increase fisheries and tourism, thereby supporting livelihoods for more than a third of Bali’s population.

Financial Transparency

We use a mobile app to confirm delivery of all funds to the field.

We will soon write these deliveries also on a public digital system, to allow listeners to follow the flow of donations from anywhere on Earth. Then we create tools for project managers to talk directly to the community about developments in the field. These peer-to-peer links open the black box of how referral dollars translate into real-world impact!

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