Data Artist / Infographist / 3D Artist

Remote, Singapore

Handprint is Technology Powering Regeneration. Founded in 2019 by Ryan and Simon, our two sustainability PhDs and tech entrepreneur Mathias, we are all passionate about creating a better world. Our startup is now growing and we’re looking for sustainability enthusiasts with strong business skills to join our team.

Why choose us?
Our ambition is to save the planet: while Sustainability focuses on reducing our negative impact, Regeneration is about growing our positive impact – our handprint.
Because we know creating regenerative businesses may be easier said than done, we developed cutting edge technology that makes regeneration simple for every business. And affordable too.
In concrete terms, we create a direct connection between companies and NGOs. On the one hand, companies can seamlessly fund projects with every operation (sale, emails, new followers, etc.) On the other hand, they receive live data of their impact, which they can use for their marketing efforts.
Imagine for a moment that any organisation can plant 50 trees with each sale, or remove 10 kg of plastic from the environment with each newsletter subscription. This is the work that wakes us each day with true purpose and passion.

To join Handprint is to embrace our values:
Authenticity, Impact, Exploration, Positivity, Empathy
We believe a profitable company has the power to benefit People, Planet and global Prosperity. To this end, we provide our team with a stimulating work environment, intense learning loops, flexibility, and ample opportunities for growth. We can’t wait to meet you!

We are looking for a freelance Data Artist / Infographist / 3D Artist who is an experienced data professional specialised in data visualisations, infographics, and other ways to graphically communicate data analysis, someone who has worked alongside a team of data scientists.
These would form a larger part of Handprint’s storytelling.

You are a top-level storyteller, crafter, data explorer, and an experienced digital native.
You have 2-3  years’ experience in creating and building data visualisations.  
You possess a solid knowledge of graphic & visualisation tools and are also comfortable with numbers & data analysis.
You demonstrate a good sense of aesthetic.
You are totally comfortable with tight deadlines, changing needs and multitasking.
You are ready to work extra time during busy times.
Your experience in a startup, SaaS or B2B company will be highly valuable.

The Job Responsibilities
– Create customized infographics, visualizations and artistic representations of our impact building, regenerative projects.

Please send your portfolio (pdf or web link) and state in your quote a fixed rate.

Minimum qualifications
– 5 years’ experience in crafting and publishing highly engaging infographics and professional 3D maps.
– Experience with Adobe Suite, ArcGIS/QGIS/Cesium or any other appropriate tools in making infographics, 3D maps and drawings (shapefiles will be provided).
– Team player with great interpersonal, goal-setting, and communication skills.
– Data-driven, strong skills in analysing nuanced issues in fields like environmental studies/science.

Job Details
– Employment Type: Freelance.
– Location: Remote work.
– Experience: 3-5 years.