Cubo Toys
preserves marine life by removing ocean plastics

We remove plastic from the Indonesian ocean.

Marine restoration numbers so far

Project Stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 10
  • On land biodiversity

  • 80
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 90
  • Social Impact

  • 50
  • Gender equality

  • 50

Why remove plastics from the ocean

Ocean plastics harm marine life and ecosystems. Yet, every day plastic enters our oceans in large amounts. Studies suggest that there are between 15–51 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans.

Oceans and seas make up about 71 % of our planet and house over 240,000 known species. Therefore, we cannot continue to let our activities on land disturb the balance in marine ecosystems.

Why support Seven Clean Seas’ marine preservation efforts

Since 2018, Seven Clean Seas (SCS) has led several ocean clean-up operations around the Bintan archipelago, a collection of islands that suffer from plastic pollution. So far, SCS has collected over 400,000 kilos of plastic, diverting them to recycling, upcycling, incineration or storage in secure landfill sites. SCS plans to scale this project to recover over 10,000,000 kilos of marine debris from the top seven worst plastic polluted countries in the world by 2025.

SCS has also formalised the plastic collection processes on these islands by involving the local workers in the project. Thus, providing them with job security and a living wage. This is helping the resident communities become more capable of tackling the plastic problem on their own.

Why removing plastic from the ocean matters

According to UNESCO, ingesting ocean plastic kills over 100,000 marine mammals and more than a million seabirds every year. This is clearly bad news for marine preservation. And by extension, the regeneration of our planet. By removing more plastic waste from the ocean, we can:

  • Restore the health of marine life in various locations
  • Properly collect, reuse and recycle plastic waste
  • Create more awareness on the risks and dangers that can come with the ingestion of microplastics
  • Enable local communities to protect the aquatic environment around them.
  • Pave the way for a healthier ecosystem by reducing our dependence on plastics
  • Contribute to the regeneration of our planet in the long term.

Project Managers

Scs Tom And Pamela

Tom Peacock-Nazil & Pamela Correia


Tom and Pam started Seven Clean Seas in 2018 with the goal of tackling a giant environmental challenge; ocean plastic pollution. Today they consider themselves very fortunate to work on this mission every day!

Scs Siti

Siti Kusmiati

General Manager, Bintan Project

Siti has been working with Seven Clean Seas as a General Manager for the Bintan project for over a year now. She believes there is a real opportunity to make a difference by coordinating the clean-ups and waste management processes. She is excited to be a part of the wave of positive change in the coastal communities.

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