Opening our capital to the public to create the first Nature Tech Unicorn

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Sustainability is at a crossroads.

The planet’s cries for help have been silenced by empty promises and obsolete solutions for too long.

Carbon credits, once hailed as the solution, are now plagued by inefficiencies and scandals.

80% of the funds never even reach our planet.

…They’re a good start – but we all know they’re not enough.

It’s time to step out of the tunnel and embrace all of nature itself.


Enter Handprint.

But wait, what’s a handprint?

handprint (n).

the sum of all the actions you take to create a positive impact on the planet – beyond just neutrality or compensation.

That’s how we can finally transform the economy from being extractive to nature-positive.

Imagine the impact with your investment.

Our growth? Explosive.

Our potential? Unlimited.

Between winning prestigious awards and partnering with the world’s leading payment systems provider, the world is taking notice.

Imagine a world powered by companies investing in nature. A world where Handprint has succeeded in generating both unprecedented revenue and ecosystem services. Where businesses and nature finally thrive together.

Now is the chance to be part of Regeneration Generation.

Join us in our first round of crowdfunding.

Together, we can usher in a new era where your investment not only grows but also heals the planet.