ClassPass Leading the Way in Engaging their Fitness Community with Impact Projects

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In the bustling fitness scene of Indonesia and Singapore, ClassPass offers monthly fitness and wellness memberships. Members buy a set of credits that can be used within a time frame in hundreds of fitness studios. 

The Challenge: Expired Fitness Credits vs. Unmet Community and Nature Restoration Needs

ClassPass members often find themselves with expiring fitness class credits, a reality that presents a challenge for both the members and ClassPass. ClassPass Indonesia and Singapore sought a solution to address the challenge of expiring credits. They provided an option for members to donate their unused credits to impact projects of their choice, eliminating the feeling of loss. 

Meanwhile, numerous community and nature restoration projects remain unmet, but unsure where to source the projects from, ClassPass reached out to Handprint. 

Empowering Choice: Aligning Passions with Projects

Handprint provided ClassPass members a curated portfolio of projects addressing the most critical ecosystems aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Handprint’s Impact Projects are rigorously curated for transparency, efficacy, and financial responsibility, enabling ClassPass members to contribute with complete trust and confidence. 

The beauty of this collaboration lies in empowering ClassPass members to choose projects that resonate with them the most. By offering a diverse range of projects, each supporting different Sustainable Development Goal, Handprint and ClassPass allowed members to contribute to causes close to their hearts. From environmental conservation to healthcare access, the projects provided a spectrum of opportunities for members to make a difference.

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The Result: Engaged Community, Meaningful Impact

More than 2,000 ClassPass users have donated their unused credits and left positive reviews on ClassPass’ dashboard.

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Engaging with Handprint’s Impact Projects sparked enthusiasm among members, leading to active participation and support. Through insightful tracking, ClassPass observed trends in project preferences, revealing valuable insights on preferences and impact.

Sharing Results with ClassPassers

At the end of 2023, Handprint provided ClassPass with their own Handprint Recap – a reel that summarizes the sum of the positive impact they’ve created through the members.

Sharing a summary of the impact created is crucial to engage and reassure members that their donated credits are making a tangible impact. By providing transparency and accountability, ClassPass’ unique Handprint Recap demonstrate the concrete outcomes of their contributions, fostering trust and encouraging continued participation in the initiative.