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About Handprint

Join our mission to Regenerate the planet at an unprecedented scale.

We want to embark every business in the Regenerative economy, one that benefits the People, the Planet, without compromising Profitabiilty.

Our unique tools match a need for companies to create and claim their impact with full transparency, with curated NGOs that provide the most efficient environmental and social projects.
We use cutting edge technologies to simplify processes, track, and report metrics in real time.

Our international team of planet hackers is expanding fast. We’re looking for passionate talents to grow with us and with the planet.

Our Values

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Authenticity translates into honest, direct conversations and non-political behaviours.
Be quick to admit mistakes.
Welcome all backgrounds and opinions with an open mind.


Focus on great results and nurture bias to action.
As a change-maker, look to inspire others.
Everything you do is directed as a force for good.


Be curious. Combined with courage, curiosity leads to innovation and change. Support thought leadership to open new creative paths towards a better future.


Stand for optimism, practice gratitude and set aspirational goals. Demonstrate confidence in our capacity to build resilience as a team, to pivot and to be agile.


We care for mother Earth – and for our teams’ wellbeing. Participate in creating a great work environment.
Adopt a customer-centric mindset, regardless of your role.

Benefits at Handprint

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Health insurance (Singapore)

We have your health covered so you can work with peace of mind. Our insurance partner also provides video consultation.

ESOP plan

Voluntary ESOP plan

As a startup, we can’t always compete with giants but we do give the opportunity for stock options.

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Flexible work conditions

We allow remote work and trust our teams to manage their time responsibly. We’re opening an office in Bali!

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PraisePal platform

All team members can show recognition to their colleagues with convertible points. Those points can be redeemed as vouchers with many merchants.

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Opportunities to grow

One role is never set in stone, every team member can shape their future in the company. On top of that, they can apply for online trainings or e-books.

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Wellness and Connection

Yoga and meditation classes, open house conversations, weekly lunch or drinks, wellbeing surveys… We help you find your zen.

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