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Restore 100,000 sqm of Wetland Habitat


Next milestone: 250,000 sqm
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Restore carbon-sequestering wetlands, safeguard endangered species, promote clean energy and sustainable practices, and maintain critical aquifers for Indigenous communities.

Snehakunja Trust has been providing essential solutions to the environmental crisis for 45 years.

Established in 1976, the organization works to protect sensitive wetland and coastal ecosystems in the Western Ghats and the Karnataka coast, with a focus on community-based restoration and conservation. Their achievements include:

  • Supporting hundreds of self-help groups and village forest committees to sustainably manage resources based on traditional knowledge, implement natural farming techniques, use clean energy, promote entrepreneurship, and provide community health services.
  • The restoration and protection of freshwater swamps and evergreen forests safeguards endangered species, keeps significant carbon sinks intact, and maintains critical aquifers for Indigenous communities.
  • Restoring the crucial, ancient Myristica swamps in India’s Western Ghats. These wetlands are a unique ecosystem, vital for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, climate regulation and water management. They are home to several critically endangered species such as the Lion-tailed macaque, White-bellied treepie, and the Great Indian hornbill – species found nowhere else in the world. Importantly, these ancient swamps and wetlands sequester large amounts of carbon, making them highly effective in mitigating climate change. They also help regulate local climate and mitigate heat waves by reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the ground. Finally, these wetlands act as natural water filters, purifying water and preventing soil erosion.
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