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Restore 10,000 Coral Reef Fragments with LivingSeas


Next milestone: 25,000 coral fragments
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Build thriving coral reef systems and provide complex and diverse habitats to support an abundance of marine life while helping local communities to thrive.

Reefs are the building blocks of the oceans, providing homes for 25% of all known marine species and allowing them to thrive and multiply, restoring sea life to its former glory.

Additionally, corals are key players in the carbon and nitrogen cycles, helping to maintain the health and balance of our oceans. They also save our lives and homes by protecting our shorelines from storm waves, loss of life, erosion and property damage.

Unfortunately, increased global warming, ocean acidification and over-fishing are causing an alarming decline in coral reefs across the world, leading to profound irreversible damage and ecosystem collapse.

This is why LivingSeas’s work is so vital. They are restoring and building a thriving coral reef ecosystem in Indonesia where much damage has been done. They use the latest marine knowledge to determine the best coral species to plant and where to plant them. Then, using biodegradable materials, they construct, install and continuously monitor thousands of coral reef stars in Padangbai, until entire lush ecosystems of marine life begin to form around them!

Even more impressively, a portion of funds per coral goes to supporting a local, women-first marine conservation fellowship program. The corals also work to generate about $1.5 billion for the Indonesian economy yearly as they support local jobs in the tourism industry, increase fisheries and decrease coastal hazards.

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