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Regenerate Forests with Kenvo


Next milestone: 150,000 trees
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Protect numerous animal species and crucial medicinal trees, and help reduce dependence on extracting the forest for human livelihoods.

Winner of the prestigious Equator Prize in 2008 and the Tusk Conservation Award in 2014, KENVO is a highly experienced organization that has been focusing on conservation efforts in the Kereita Forest in Kenya since 1996.

Their accomplishments have led to very significant improvements in the forest, including:

  • Extensive tree-planting schemes
  • Protecting biodiversity by promoting sustainable eco-friendly business and agroforestry practices with rural communities
  • A rise in important tree species, include the Red Stinkwood tree with important medicinal value for the indigenous people of the Kikuyu Escarpment
  • Protection and proliferation of the 120 important bird species that live in the forest, which include endangered species such as Abbott’s starlings – a testament to the forest’s classification as an Important Bird Area by Bird Life International
  • Keeping the forest pristine by reducing dependence on the forest for human livelihoods
  • Engaging adjacent communities in forest restoration by paying them to grow local tree seedlings and co-creating agroforestry initiatives with them
  • Regularly monitoring the forest’s birds, wildlife and vegetation
  • Educating local communities to reduce damaging practices such as charcoal burning
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