Integrating Handprint’s API in Google Forms

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Integrating Sustainability into Technological Innovation: Handprint and Google Forms Join Forces

In a world where our interactions are increasingly mediated by technology, simple yet ubiquitous processes can be an often overlooked goldmine for regenerative sustainability action.

That’s why the story of the Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention stands as a brilliant example of regenerative sustainability integration.

It shows how a simple idea can turn into an impactful reality for the planet, turning an ordinary process into a catalyst for extraordinary results.

At the heart of this success is the collaboration between Handprint and Google Forms, where efficiency meets environmental stewardship, and where every event attendee becomes a catalyst for positive change.


Planting a Tree, One Form at a Time

Google Forms is the world’s go-to for guest and event management. What if there was a way to elevate these mere forms into agents of environmental good?

Enter Handprint – a seamless conduit for enterprises to integrate positive impact into existing systems and frameworks.

The Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention recognized the potential and seized the opportunity, birthing a partnership that would redefine the power of simple actions by arranging for a tree to be planted for every attendee that signs up via Google Forms.

A Symbiotic Integration Using Handprint’s API

With Handprint’s API woven into a function, a single question –  asking for the attendee’s name –  became the gateway to planet positivity. 

As someone registers for the convention, almost as if by magic, a sapling is nestled into the earth in their name, creating ripple effects of positive change for the planet.




Steps to Integration

Curious to integrate change into your system?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention integrated the Handprint API into their event using Google Forms:

  • Create a Google Form and add a question asking for the attendee’s name.
  • Visit the Handprint API documentation and create a project.
  • Copy the Handprint API key.
  • In the Google Form Script Editor, create a function that will plant a tree when a new form submission is received.
  • In the function, use the Handprint API key to plant a tree in the attendee’s name.
  • Set the function to automatically trigger on every form submission.

Register and Reap the Planetary Rewards

As the Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention gears up for its grand annual celebration of invention and innovation, attendees now find themselves entwined in a narrative of regeneration, with every click representing a seed of hope and healing for a better future.

In a world teeming with technology, this single, simple partnership has successfully woven nature into the fabric of innovation. At Handprint, we are confident that this is just the beginning of a domino effect of changes that await us in the infinite number of planet-positive integrations we can make!

Are you looking to integrate positive impact in any existing process or technology? Let’s talk!