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regenerates the planet by replanting mangroves

We’re replanting mangroves in North Sumatra with every purchase.

Mangrove replanting location

Project stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 84
  • On land biodiversity

  • 90
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 70
  • Social Impact

  • 60
  • Gender equality

  • 60

Why are we replanting mangroves?

Mangrove trees are one of our strongest allies in slowing global warming. That’s because they store three to five times more organic carbon than tropical upland forests. In fact, each tree in Yakopi’s mangrove replanting project can sequester over 250 kilograms of carbon over 20 years. 

Mangrove forests also connect and balance land and marine ecosystems. This helps plants, animals, and nutrients move more easily between land and sea, leading to stronger ecosystems. 

Why support mangrove replanting with Yakopi?

Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir Indonesia (YAKOPI) is a non-profit organization working to limit climate change. To achieve this, they’re replanting mangroves and restoring coastal plants in Indonesia.

Yakopi works with the local community at Belawan Sicanang to replant the rich northwestern mangrove forests, helping undo the damage caused by deforestation. They also develop, manage, and support local businesses that use sustainable coastal resources.

Why mangrove replanting matters

Climate change and global warming are a threat to us all. But by replanting mangroves in Indonesia, we can help save the planet while supporting local communities in the area.

Replanting mangroves creates safe habitats where native wading birds, forest animals, and amphibians can thrive. In addition to this, tree planting helps secure a healthy supply of food and fresh water. Indonesia is also exposed to extreme weather such as cyclones and tsunamis. But with more forest coverage, local residents can enjoy more protection from these events in the region.

Project Managers

The Yakopi team supports a healthier environment and stronger ecosystems through mangrove replanting and coastal plant restoration.


Their experience working in environmental organizations, and their background in forest ecology helps them build a greener and more sustainable economy. This means a healthier planet for generations to come.

Eling Tuhono Headshot

Eling Tuhono


Eling is the Director of Yakopi. He has been actively involved in several environmental organizations over the past 20 years. He stands firm behind Yakopi’s mission and vision for environmental improvement that also directly impacts the welfare of people who live in coastal ecosystems. 

Balqis Melza Asri Headshot

Balqis Melza Asri

Deputy Programme Manager

Balqis has a background in forest ecology. She has a clear vision for environmental improvement that directly involves the community to run the program. She has built good relationships with stakeholders that strengthens Yakopi’s commitment to the coastal community’s welfare for a sustainable economy. 

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