All I want for Christmas 🎶… is an eco-conscious gift! 🎁

Christmas Furoshiki Eco Friendly Reusable Fabric

It’s the Christmas season and the streets are brightly lit with jingle bells ringing and carols all around! Everyone’s feeling real jolly as they go about shopping for Christmas presents. What’s on your list this year? Have you been naughty or nice? Well…

Shopping from these sustainable and regenerative brands will make you feel better about yourself, knowing that your purchase is helping to regenerate the planet! 🌎

If you are having trouble managing your tasks and staying focus, or know of someone who is struggling with procrastination – look no further. FocusMe is an app that stops you from being distracted and helps you to take over control of your time. Break bad habits, repetitive behaviours and addictions and join the thousands of lives changed from the use of this app to overcome these problems.

Sustainability has always been on their heart for a long time now. Jon, the founder of FocusMe, shares that his challenge when it comes to being sustainable as a brand would be the inability to know the negative impact that they are contributing to, and also the other companies’ footprints, if they are working with them. Eventually, they found Handprint and is now committed to planting 1 tree in Indonesia for every purchase, to give back to the planet. They chose a reforestation project as he believes that there are people like himself that can instantly see reforestation as a good cause, especially with mangroves having the ability to absorb the highest amount of carbon over the years. On top of that, he also understood that planting those trees can help the coastal communities develop economic activities that gives them a better livelihood than just chopping down trees to earn a living.

They are thankful for a tool like Handprint that allows them to do something for the planet, and easily communicate their efforts with their customers, especially because they know their customers care. So far they have contributed to planting close to 700 trees over the past 6 months. Their goal is to eventually plant a million trees. To support them in achieving their goals, you can explore their trial, or buy it as a gift for a friend who needs it at just $6.99/month! For every purchase, they plant 1 tree!

Are you looking for sustainably sourced products? Ethical Merchants is a platform that aggregates sustainable brands from all around the world. Their core values revolve around people and the planet. They believe workers should only be empowered, not exploited. The planet should only be stewarded well, not polluted. Their famous line “When you shop with us, you shop for a better world.” Beyond that Ethical Merchants is currently supporting a social justice project in Cambodia that helps women out of the sex trafficking trade, and empowering them with new jobs.

Not interested in buying more gifts to add to the clutter? Why not buy experiences? The Indytute was born from the love of pop ups and learning something new. Treat yourself to a chocolate street challenge, pick up a new skill or go for a London wine walk! Instead of giving more clutter, give good times! These ones don’t cost the earth, and yet, brings great joy and memories that will last. Doesn’t it just sound like the most ideal gift you can give someone this Christmas? Till date, The Indytute has planted 586 trees and cleaned up 194 kgs of plastic from the ocean in their efforts to make the planet a better place.

Are you looking for something bold, loud and different? Olive Ankara is a slow fashion brand that curates African inspired clothes that can be worn by women of all races. Their colours and prints are absolutely stunning which will make you fall in love with them immediately. You can never find a piece like OA’s anywhere else! On top of their goal toward becoming a zero waste brand, Olive Ankara is also supporting women who were previously trafficked in Cambodia, by contributing to their recovery programs that gives them a stepping stone to integrate back into society.

Toothpaste subscription? How cool does that sound? Noice offers you toothpaste that comes right to your door, in recyclable glass bottles. And it cost just $6.99 a month for 6 weeks of supply. Each toothpaste contains ingredients that has been naturally sourced and carefully selected with dentist, combining the anti-bacterial properties of essential oils with the stain removing power of charcoal. Noice protects, strengthens and freshens your teeth! Currently they are having a Festive Pack which offers a great deal, don’t miss this chance to try it! Noice is also committed to regenerating the planet and have done so by planting 467 trees till date.

If you are familiar with the sustainable space, you definitely would have heard of Zerrin! They’re one of the strongest marketplace that offers a variety of sustainable brands for women, with close to 40 different brands. Their mission is to empower the community to dress more thoughtfully, moving away from the superficial interactions and fleeting trends. Zerrin believes in creating a judgement-free space that makes you feel seen, represented and inspired, making sustainability more attainable. They are currently contributing to the regeneration of the planet by planting 1 tree with every sale.

Are you dying to get away on a beach holiday especially after the whole stressful pandemic situation? Palm Swimwear helps you prepare to look stunning on your tropical beach holiday! Each swimwear is unique yet transcendental and of high-quality, designed to be timeless, both in style and durability. Their core fabric is made from recycled Italian ECONYL® fibres which is a material regenerated from waste plastics and old fishing nets to create a fabric that is fully and endlessly regenerable. On top of that, Palm Swimwear also supports mangrove planting in Indonesia with each of their sale. You definitely can’t go wrong with having one of their pieces!

Skylyfe also known as Place your print on the World, is your one stop E-store selling a cool collection of acrylic paintings, digital art, apparel and other merchandise. More than just an E-store, Skylyfe’s vision is to create a pollution free planet by producing sustainable fashion with technology, strengthening communities through education, and providing economic development to rural areas in the city. Currently Skylyfe is committed to not just planting trees, but also sponsoring part of a kid’s education in Uganda with each purchase. When you support brands like Skylyfe, you are contributing to our planet and a better world.

Are you looking for thoughtful designs that are timeless and versatile in styling? The pieces at Salient Label are brought together to invoke inspiration, confidence, and joy. Using eco-friendly fabrics like TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, ECOVERO™ Viscose, Cupro, these pieces are softer in touch than your conventional cotton and carries similar weight, look, luster and hand to silk. Comfortable to wear and does not come in exorbitant prices. If you are looking for an all time piece, you can definitely find something for yourself over at Salient Label! In efforts to regenerate the planet, Salient Label is planting a mangrove tree for each sale.

Looking for some beautiful housewarming gift this Christmas? Turtle Leaf has an amazing collection of Scandinavian themed homewares that is minimalistic and modern, which fits right into any home! The longing for green spaces in a big city was the motivation behind Turtle Leaf’s journey to create eco-friendly and nature inspired products to match the modern urban lifestyles. Alongside that, Turtle Leaf is also committed to contributing a percentage of their sales to planting trees in Indonesia to help do his part in healing the planet. You definitely want an item from them to furnish your home with!










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