Align or Resign: Why Company Values Matter More Than Ever to Today’s Employees

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For years, companies have sought to create compelling workplace cultures for employees with inspiring recognition and rewards programs. According to a study recently published by PwC, a staggering 86% of employees prefer to support or work for companies that care about the same issues they do. We are now seeing that employees increasingly prioritize working for companies that align with their values and take action on sustainability.

Three out of four employees now feel that their companies ought to shoulder responsibility for their broader impact on the world. In fact, close to half of all employees assert that they would willingly resign from their jobs if the values of the company did not align with theirs.

Heard of “Conscious Quitting“? More than a buzzword, “conscious quitting” is a powerful moral movement fastly captivating the hearts and minds of Gen Z. It describes the phenomenon where employees are courageously leaving their jobs to instead work for organizations that more faithfully align with their environmental and social values.

Paul Polman, the esteemed former CEO of Unilever, profoundly encapsulates this transformative shift by declaring: “Forget bean bags and gym memberships. Employees want strong values and positive impact.”

Unlocking the True Power of Employee Engagement Platforms

The prevailing trend in today’s employee engagement platforms involves offering vouchers or gift cards that can be redeemed for various retail, wellness, transportation, or dining experiences.

There’s a very clear gap in the market when it comes to fulfilling the desires of purpose-driven employees who yearn to make a positive impact for people and the planet. Companies are eager to embrace the ethos of the Regenerative Economy, and this includes the realm of gifting and voucher platforms – a powerful aspect of company culture.

Though there are gifting and voucher platforms that recognize this gap and strive to expand their offerings to encompass positive impact, the options currently available are limited to one-time, opaque donations to NGOs, leaving much to be desired.

Transform Your Workplace into a Hub of Social Change with Handprint’s Impact Voucher System

Introducing Handprint’s Impact Voucher System — a game-changing tool that not only empowers companies but also unleashes their employees’ potential to create a ripple of positive change. Imagine the thrill of knowing that every redeemed voucher contributes to some of the most critical environmental and social projects in the world, while actively shaping your company’s impact portfolio.

Gone are the days of donation-related concerns. You can trust that the impact you create through these vouchers is real, meaningful, and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our dedicated team of impact experts achieves this by relentlessly searching for hidden gems—truly transformative projects with extraordinary dollar-to-impact ratios and track records.

We take great care in verifying and monitoring these projects to ensure they tackle the most pressing social and environmental challenges worldwide. We equip all our impact partners with reporting tools, allowing you to track your organization’s collective handprint. Imagine easily monitoring the real-time number of trees planted, children supported, or kilos of plastic rescued from the ocean—all thanks to your company’s active involvement.

Every time an employee redeems a voucher, it sends a powerful message to the world: your company is a driving force behind meaningful solutions that create real positive impact. With Handprint’s Impact Voucher System, you and your employees will embark together on a remarkable journey towards a better future.

Give The Gift of Impact 

Handprint’s Impact Voucher System presents an extraordinary opportunity for companies to tap into their employees’ concerns and passions. By integrating Impact Vouchers into their Reward & Recognition program, companies gain valuable insights into the causes and initiatives that truly resonate with their workforce. This knowledge not only informs their sustainability endeavors but also showcases an authentic dedication to shared values. As employees redeem these vouchers, they step into the role of active global change agents with your company.

Picture this: An enthusiastic employee redeems their voucher to support healthcare in Cambodia, addressing the issue of poor health caused by contaminated water and inadequate hygiene. By sharing their involvement in such a meaningful cause on social media, this employee not only makes a tangible impact but also amplifies awareness about their company’s unwavering commitment to a better planet. This simple act of redemption allows employees to spotlight your company’s sustainability initiatives, bolstering your reputation as a socially responsible and highly desirable employer.


Handprint  Impact Vouchers are a great addition to our offering, giving our clients a simple and effective way to amplify their positive impact on the planet. By giving employees the choice to support the impact projects they care about, Handprint helps our clients to engage their employees and  achieve their vision of being a force for good in the world.” – Omar Hadoui, Managing Director BIWW. 

Why Include Impact Vouchers in Your Rewards & Recognition Efforts? 

  • Collective action: By purchasing impact vouchers, employers convey a resounding message: we are actively engaged in finding solutions that create significant impact, and we have faith in our employees to join us on this mission.
  • Engagement: Handprint vouchers also nurture employee engagement and loyalty. When employees feel actively involved in their company’s sustainability endeavors, they experience a profound sense of purpose and take great pride in their work. Empowering employees to choose which projects to support through their vouchers grants them a sense of authority and participation, fostering a stronger connection to their company’s values and goals.
  • Your employees become your best evangelists: As employees redeem their vouchers, they can share images on social media, showcasing your commitment to the planet. This visibility enables companies to leverage employee advocacy and garner attention for your sustainability activities.

Key Takeaways

  • Companies face increasing pressure from employees to prioritize environmental action, resulting in a greater inclination for employees to remain committed and loyal to organizations that demonstrate concern for the planet.
  • Handprint introduces a captivating solution: a voucher ordering system that grants effortless access to verified units of impactful change. 
  • Handprint’s Impact Vouchers cater to the needs of both platforms and companies alike. They provide a vital alternative for employee engagement platforms that have lost customers due to a lack of sustainable reward options, while also serving as an ideal choice for companies aiming to incorporate positive environmental impact into their rewards and recognition initiatives.
  • By incorporating environmental impact into employee engagement endeavors, companies inspire collective action, heighten engagement levels, and cultivate stronger loyalty

Ready To Unlock Your Impact Potential?

Join us in creating a sustainable future, one voucher at a time. Together, we can make a lasting impact, engage employees, and build a reputation that reflects your company’s commitment to a better world. Talk to our experts and get a quote today.










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