The Handprint Vision:

Empowering the economy’s transition from extractive to regenerative.

Enabling companies to become a part of the new regenerative economy by integrating planet-positive actions into business activities in a profitable and seamless way.

We are an actor of


2,058,304 m2

total damaged ecosystems restored


61,263 m2

wetland habitat



educations financed


996,969 m2



Redefining impact for the 21st century.

From advanced verification to satellite imagery, our technology takes the lead in impact science, automation, quantification, and verification.

Impact projects curation

Access projects most effective at aligning to UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Transparent accounting

Cost breakdowns and proof of fund delivery and fulfilment.


Science-based reporting

Regular quantification of impact metrics.


Effortless stakeholder management

Impressive data and visuals to engage clients, employees, board members, and more.


What is a handprint?

The new scientific concept taking the world by storm

Handprint (n).:

A unit of quantifiable positive impact on people and planet; the sum of the positive environmental and social actions of a given entity. The opposite of an environmental footprint.


What makes Handprint different?

Our secret sauce:

Impact Diversity and Network

Choose the projects that align to your organization’s ESG needs from projects with proven track records of aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to address the most critical ecosystems.

Effective Technology

Traditionally, intermediary costs for project verification forms the biggest cost component for impact projects. At Handprint, we are able to cut 80% of this cost to deliver the highest dollar to impact ratio in the market.

Continuous Assurance

Receive Impact Visualizations and Quantified Impact Reporting provide the transparency and data you need.

Beyond Carbon Neutrality

The market is still emphasizing reducing our negative impacts to merely achieve net-zero. In an era of climate doomism and fear, Handprint goes beyond offsetting carbon footprints by enabling companies to fund projects that can truly reverse the effects of climate change.

An Engagement Tool

The only platform that gives access to impressive data, visuals and other content to engage stakeholders in your ESG efforts.

Meet the founders

With expert backgrounds in science, digital sustainability, and impact, each founder is dedicated to transitioning the global economy from extractive to regenerative.


Mathias Boissonot

Chief Executive Officer

7+ years working on R&D in 200+ Tech startups across Europe & Asia, as the owner and Managing Director of GAC Singapore. Founder of Greeen, an urban gardening IoT. Mathias is a Star Contributor for TechInAsia and e27, and mentor for Gaia startup studio.


Dr. Ryan Merrill

Chief Impact Officer

PhD in Climate & Public Policy, University of Southern California, and a researcher in Digital Sustainability. He has more than 10 years’ experience of Management roles in Finance. Founder of Global Mangrove Trust, NGO funding blue carbon forestry through blockchain technology.


Dr. Simon Schillebeeckx

Chief Strategy Officer

Published author, former sustainability consultant, TEDx speaker. Strategic Management Professor at Singapore Management University (SMU), specialising in Digital Sustainability. He holds a PhD in Innovation Management from Imperial College London.

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