A conversation with Skylyfe: Are You Ready To Place Your Print On The World?

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Greg Rogers Skylyfe

Skylyfe was founded in 2012 with the mission to unify the world through sustainable fashion and technology, and eradicate the issues the human race is facing with pollution, educational access and poverty.

Greg Rogers is our biggest fan and we’re so proud to count him among our planet heroes 🦸🏾‍♂️🌏 (even better than Steve Rogers! #CaptainAmerica). For every purchase on their e-store, Skylyfe donates 3% to mangrove reforestation projects with us 🌱.
If you’re inspired by his story, drop us a message!

What is Skylyfe all about?

We are a social enterprise, with a vision to create a pollution free planet by producing sustainable fashion with technology, strengthening communities through education, and providing economic development to urban and rural areas of society. We started out in 2012, consisting of active duty veterans and US navy with 3 executive board members and 3 advisory board members.

What are some programs and partnerships that you have at Skylyfe?

We constructed a non-profit for 64 different programs that we facilitate throughout the community. These programs are created with initiatives in our area to get this off the ground. An example: Get off the block provides scholarship opportunities for young entrepreneurs, and youth that wants to further their education. I also had the opportunity to go to Uganda and form a relationship with Oxford Modern, that is now included under our umbrella. Recently we also got involved with a partnership with Handprint, another sustainability initiative that we are very excited about!

So what made you decide to start your sustainable journey with Skylyfe?

The journey started when I stumbled across the harmful effects that fashion has on the world and human health. With more research, I came across a dress healthily thesis, so our goal became about creating a research development around different ways we can produce sustainable fashion. It is shocking to know that fashion is the no.2 cause of pollution in the world. We want to create a brand that uses more organic and natural materials.

What business impact are you looking for with your sustainability efforts?

I want to bring value to the conscious consumers. There are consumers out there that look for brands that are sustainable and conscious. Our products and initiatives will make them glad that we exist. Climate change is rather paramount, it is brands like us that set the standard toward a more sustainable planet. Our target audience (the kids in your neighborhood) isn’t conscious about it so we want them as our customers, and for them to be educated and informed about climate change.

When making a positive impact, what is key to you?

The ability to influence the mind, heart and soul of anyone that I encounter. It is important to be a genuine human being and understand that there is a bigger picture out there beyond myself. The need to sustain the planet for a long period of time.

How would you say Handprint has helped you in achieving the sustainability that you are looking for?

It has made my life much simpler and easier by automating impact. Most importantly, it is transparent. I always thought I had to go to Uganda to set up a system where it would transparent, that would reflect the work that is being done there. I never would have thought I could do it with a plugin. Now I can contribute to Oxford Modern in Uganda through my sales, without having to actually be there.

What are some feedback from your customers regarding your new sustainability initiative with Handprint?

They love it! They have never known about Handprint and its abilities. I’ve got feedback from people all over the world. Some customers based in Spain, they enjoy and love being part of brands that are into sustainable development. The feedback has been great so far especially with the impact page.

From your experience, what would you say customers care most about today when it comes to sustainability?

To see actual change and impact. I got into this as a journey not to expect it to happen over night but to see change that will happen progressively, overtime. Ultimately I desire to see significant change in our education and the topics that are being taught in school. Regeneration generation is a beautiful thing.

If you could, what are some other areas of sustainability that you would be interested in?

I like the idea of renewable energy in a way of agriculture. I’m thinking about ways that we can sustain a world through technology, renewable energy, solar panels, windmills etc. Furthermore, I want to also tackle social justice issues in America. It would be great to have those at the forefront to provide opportunities to merchants to support and raise awareness for. Especially when it comes to the racism issues in America.

Do you have any advice for those who might be interested in being sustainable but aren’t sure where to start?

Take the first step, it all starts with how you can be an advocate for sustainability for yourself. If you do have an online business or e-commerce website, there are many ways to become sustainable. It can be through the use of Handprint, or your own business practices. If you have a large product line, cut down on inventory. There are so many ways to start and we as business owners can take that first step.
We need to think about us as a whole, as a human race. Our planet is in a crazy condition now. It is important that we put ourselves in a planet first. We need to combat climate change as a collective unit and provide a way to preserve our existence. You see billionaires spending their money flying to space instead of taking the money to provide for the poor. This shows us how much the world really cares. It is so important to put the resources into the right hands. That way more opportunities can be opened.

What would you say is your ultimate goal for Skylyfe in terms of sustainability, a few years from now?

We want to be one of the most sustainable brands within 3-5 years in so many different ways. Not only in terms of lifestyle and fashion, but I want it to really have the ability to change lives with real sustainable impact. I want to bring that value to our customers so that they know that we first care about people and planet before anything else.

Thank you so much Greg for sharing your story and for all the good vibes 🙂










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