6 Top Tips to Unlock Growth on Shopify

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Make every click count with these words of wisdom from Tropee


It’s never been easier to create your own, personalised online store. Thanks to tech-enabled platforms like Shopify, ecommerce is now accessible to every business, no matter their size, product or location. 

However, there’s a difference between having an online store and having a successful online store. Focusing on the many incremental ways to increase your awareness, drive visits to your site and secure conversions will help grow your business. So whether you’re just starting out, or looking to revitalise your ecommerce presence, follow these hacks from our friends at Tropee to find out how to maximise every customer opportunity on Shopify. 


Avoid abandonment

On average, 70% of visitors to your site will abandon their carts. Why? Friction at payment. The biggest reasons for abandonment include unforeseen handling charges, expensive or unclear delivery options, and the inability to use the customers’ preferred payment. Improve your customers’ experience by reassuring them on the cart and checkout pages as well as offering as much flexibility as possible. In addition, improve the payment process using Shopify’s dynamic checkout button. This option allows customers to directly access the payment page from the product page as well as providing an accelerated payment method via Shopify. It’s a great shortcut that improves user experience on your site and increases conversion.


Inject the feel-good factor

The environment is a big concern for many of us, with 74% of consumers actively looking to buy from brands that are regenerative. Highlighting how you as a business are doing your bit to save the planet will help form connections with visitors to your site and encourage buying behavior. Handprint is easily integrated into Shopify stores and can show customers how your business is giving back with every purchase. What’s more, businesses using Handprint saw a 16% higher cart conversion when the plugin was added at checkout. 


Give the gift of giving

A must-have for all occasions: end-of-year holidays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and more… gift cards. For buyers, gift cards are a way of pleasing loved ones while staying within budget and saving time. For you, they are a great way to secure revenue. They also increase customer loyalty, as customers don’t always spend the full amount of the gift card all at once, returning multiple times. Finally, gift cards help you diversify your customer-base through your loyal customers’ connections. 


Suggest other options

If your customer likes one of your products, it’s likely that they’ll like other things in your store. Look at ways to introduce your shoppers to alternative or complementary products that they might appreciate based on their buying behaviour. Enter the one-click upsell. Apps like Candy Rack and Zipify allow you to add a thank-you offer that appears after a customer finalises their purchase, highlighting additional products. In a single click, and without going through all the payment steps again, your customer can add the suggested product to the order they just confirmed. Result? An average order value that will double for some stores!


Talk the talk

Content is king. And the most important type of content on your site is the product description. This needs to say as much as possible in the fewest possible words. Google recommends between 200 and 500 words to tick the right SEO boxes. A good product description includes a quick explanation of the product (size, colors, material, use…), information on the product’s benefits (e.g. ‘perfect for summer nights’ or ‘an ultra breathable fabric to prevent sweat’) and a response to potential customer concerns (e.g. ‘appropriate for all ages’, ‘satisfied or your money back’, ‘delivery in under 3 days’).


Stay speedy

As much as you may want to design a beautiful bespoke site, online buyers don’t have time for slow websites. Studies show that businesses can lose approximately 25% of online visitors if the site takes over 4 seconds to load. Choose a theme that keeps your site speedy. Based on Google’s indicators, the top 5 fastest themes on Shopify are Cascade, Showcase, Debut, Editorial and Story.


Make your e-store regenerative

Forget about carbon neutrality, it is an unscientific approach and it doesn’t inspire customers. But guess what? 79% of consumers worldwide are actively looking to buy from for brands that regenerate the planet. Stores see up to 35% of cart conversion increase using Regeneration. Full study here. You can grow with the planet, in a transparent and cost effective way using Handprint.


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